Jackie Tohn

One of the names that has come up as someone who might do well in the coming American Idol season is someone named Jackie Tohn, though her more formal name is actually Jacklyn Tohn. As with many of the other American Idol hopefuls, she has herself a MySpace profile page.

The page actually has itself a rather interesting looking header image. Pretty large. Pretty tastefully done, I think. And a fairly okay looking background as well. Nothing here to visually annoy a visitor. There's a playlist available with 4 songs namely, 25, Beguiling, The Falling, and Crowded in Here. The page actually mentions that she has a new album (makes me wonder if she has albums older than this one) called Beguiling. The album cover looks interesting. It shows a female figure (I'm assuming that's Jackie Tohn, but I could be wrong.) on the front, and behind her there appears to be a house or other low slung building with a signboard in front which reads, well, Beguiling, of course. There seems to be a deer like figure in the foreground as well, and I think a train and a horse in the background. The color is fairly muted, with browns and reds prevailing, except of course for Jackie (Is that Jackie?) who's wearing a purple top.

Looks like Jackie Tohn has a YouTube channel. Now that's just convenient. The video she features on her MySpace profile page is called, Me Playing Tunes on my Couch in my House. Nice. She says here that she plays live shows all over Los Angeles and New York so it looks like Jackie is clearly not a music newbie. It will be interesting to see how her experience performing translates on American Idol.

And if ever there was any doubt as to how committed Jackie is to her music career, well, she doesn't just have a website of her own built around her name, she also has a Wikipedia page. Take that, other Idol wannabees. On the Wikipedia page, it says that Jackie isn't just a musician, she's an actress too. She was actually on The Nanny, when she was 12 years old. She also starred in the play, Jewtopia. Oh wait, The Nanny isn't the only TV show she's been in apparently. She's also appeared in other shows such as The Sopranos, Strangers with Candy, Angel, Veronica Mars, and Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. What about that. Well, I guess that she won't have all that much trouble performing in front of a camera then. And the fact that she's done live shows means the she might not have as much trouble as some of the others, performing in front of a large live audience. I'm looking forward to watching this Jackie Tohn perform.